Apr 23

Musings on Organizational Structure

I was attempting to explain the principles for building a high-functioning IT department to one of my professors, and it led to the diagram below.  I thought it might be interesting to bring the thought process out in the open so that we may all learn from each other.  Too much is involved to discuss the entire structure in one blog entry, but this will serve as the foundation for further conversations on the topic.
Chart of Organizational Structure

Potential IT Org chart

To begin with, obviously this chart describes a significantly sized IT organization – at least 50 FTE, perhaps as many as 250.  Smaller organizations would, by necesity, have people performing multiple roles.  The smaller the organization, the more it will drift from this model – as the combination of tasks assigned to individuals will be based more on the inherent talents they bring to the table than on any view of “proper” roles.  Larger organizations will specialize even more than what is indicated here.

At a high level, you can see a division into two large organizational groupings: Development and Operations.  The “Governance” box demonstrates the cross-functional nature of the governance role – it represents all constituencies of IT.  Future blogs will focus on each organizational group and eventually get down to individual roles.  This split, however, represents the natural balance of tensions that is normal to an IT organization.  You begin with one organization whose main purpose is to generate and implement change (Development), then balance that with an organization dedicated to ensuring proper operations of necessary services.  One creates change, the other attempts to limit the risk of implementing that change.  The Governance role brings blended balance to the picture.

In my next blog, I will discuss the IT Operations organization.  In the mean time, please join in the conversation and toss in your two cents.

Apr 04

Tantra Restaurant

My wife and I went to Tantra Restaurant in Atlanta last night, for the third time.  We both strongly recommend this restaurant as a romantic getaway.  Besides the quiet and intimate atmosphere, featuring a tantric theme, the food is excellent, creative, and moderately priced.  For example, last night, we each had a 3 course dinner for $25.00 per person (appetizer, main course, desert). 

The meals are sensual; each plate has a variety of tastes, aromas, and textures.  On each visit, we have tried different dishes, and have never been disappointed.  My favorite so far has been the Elk.

On the first Tuesday of each month, they feature “Tango at Tantra” where they open up the dance floor to the patrons and play tango music – reinforcing the romantic atmosphere.  The floor was continually occupied as the couples dining there practiced their Tango skills.

Highly recommended.  One of our top 10 restaurants in the city.

Mar 25

Welcome to my world!

Hello, and welcome to my world.  This is where I intend to blog about things I like (such as a restaurant), ideas I have, and the things I find out in my daily journeys that might be interesting to some.  I really hope this turns into a dialog with everyone chiming in with their comments – even to the point of telling me my last post was clueless.  But please try to add something that the other readers might enjoy or learn from as well – something more useful than “me too” or “nutcase.”

You are welcome to say anything here, nothing is off topic or forbidden except threats, hate, and spam.  Those will be removed as soon as I see them, and if I’m not looking at the moment, please email me to let me know.  If you are here, you know my email address, I do not want to post it for the automatic harvesters.  I recommend you do the same in your comments.

Please help me make this blog more relevant to you and the other readers.  Suggest topics at any time, question each other’s comments, politely.  When I’m off target, don’t just tell me, tell me why – educate all of us, the other readers and myself.  Just don’t say anything you would not want children to hear – my daughter may get courageous enough someday to contribute.

So, once again, welcome.  I hope you enjoy my blog.  See you in the comments!