Blue Grotto Restaurant

We took some out of town friends to this restaurant last night and once again, it did not dissappoint.  Blue Grotto is a surprising find in a strip mall restaurant. The food is very creative and excellently prepared.

The restaurant calls itself a Sushi and Tapas restaurant – an odd combination.  Finger foods from Japan and Spain?  Actually, they are from all over the world and excellently done.  The sushi rivals restaurants we frequnt that are specifically sushi bars, though the selection is smaller.  You complement it, however, with tapas-like dishes from all over the world – Chicken Satay, Chorizo and Potato Empanadas, French styled lamb on eggplant, low country Shrimp and Grits – there is something from every continent.  Every dish was perfectly prepared and presented.

We had dinner for 4 adults and a munchkin, with no alcohol, for $100 before tip, ordering 8 dishes shared around the table.  This is our favorite restaurant for entertaining guests.


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