Mar 25

Welcome to my world!

Hello, and welcome to my world.  This is where I intend to blog about things I like (such as a restaurant), ideas I have, and the things I find out in my daily journeys that might be interesting to some.  I really hope this turns into a dialog with everyone chiming in with their comments – even to the point of telling me my last post was clueless.  But please try to add something that the other readers might enjoy or learn from as well – something more useful than “me too” or “nutcase.”

You are welcome to say anything here, nothing is off topic or forbidden except threats, hate, and spam.  Those will be removed as soon as I see them, and if I’m not looking at the moment, please email me to let me know.  If you are here, you know my email address, I do not want to post it for the automatic harvesters.  I recommend you do the same in your comments.

Please help me make this blog more relevant to you and the other readers.  Suggest topics at any time, question each other’s comments, politely.  When I’m off target, don’t just tell me, tell me why – educate all of us, the other readers and myself.  Just don’t say anything you would not want children to hear – my daughter may get courageous enough someday to contribute.

So, once again, welcome.  I hope you enjoy my blog.  See you in the comments!